If you want to end the contact you have with us, kindly use one of the given methods below to submit the self declaration. Once submitted, one of our representatives will call your given number for confirmation on the request. An Email would also be sent to your registered email address 48 hours prior regarding the request. Once all the obligations and legal contracts come to an end, your products/services would be terminated after 7 days. Your personal data including your accounts linked, payment data will also be deleted after 30 days of the confirmation of this request. Do note that your personal data will still be shown in the existing invoices which will not be deleted.

Complete and return this form only if you wish to withdraw from the contract:


Write a self-declaration with the following content and send it to:
1. Email: support@lhytechnologies.com
2. Address: LHY Technologies, 31-A, Govindpuri-H, Swej Farm, Jaipur, India(302019)

LHY Technologies
31-A, Govindpuri-H
Swej Farm, Jaipur

I/We <NAME> hereby request LHY Technologies to end all my contracts for the provision of the products/services. I/We understand that upon proceeding of this request, all of my/our products/services will be terminated and my/our personal data would also be deleted except invoices issued to us.

Kind Regards,