• Email Marketing Service(EMS)
  1. To increase the security and reliability of the emails you send, attempt to send, we (or our third-party providers) may store and scan your EMS Email and your content included in EMS Email to protect you and EMS by preventing and blocking “spam” e-mails, viruses and spyware, and other harmful or unwanted items from being sent over EMS.
  2.  We may suspend or terminate your access to EMS, or block or decline to send or receive any EMS Email, if we determine that:
    1. Our scan of EMS Email or Your Content included in EMS Email reveals abusive or low quality email (such as “spam”),
    2. EMS Email bounces back to us or we receive abuse complaints (including complaints from third parties) in connection with your Email Marketing Campaign, or
    3. The source or ReturnPath email address you have provided us for “address bounces” or complaints is not successfully receiving email.
  3. If your EMS Emails are blocked, delayed, or prevented from delivery by reasons outside of our control, your payment obligations continue.
  4. None of LHY Technologies or its providers is the “sender” of EMS Email as defined under applicable laws.